The (RE)-Education Experience | A Modern Realtor’s Playbook by Darren Langille

Episode 15: Agent to Agent Referrals - Launching off point!

March 26, 2021

In Episode 15 I break down an often overlooked strategy in the life of a Realtor, the Agent to Agent Referral opportunity! 


If you are like most, you've had the question about "do you know an agent in X city", and when you do, you scramble, you look somebody up, you ask a fellow agent friend if they do, and then you pass this along.  


Sure this worked...but is it the best way? And are you doing yourself a disservice by not making this a real system in your business. 


I break down 2 quick points about how to build your list, and where to find right fit agents for your extended team. 




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